NuKit 1.0.1 Mac OSX

NuKit 1.0.1 Mac OSX



NuKit 1.0.1 Mac OSX

NuKit 1.0.1 Mac OSX

There is something to improve even in the best operating system. So that is how NuKit was born. As a baby, it only managed to move windows by mouse. Then, we thought Spotlight was not fast enough to run apps, so here is Launcher. We got used to run apps by hotkeys on alternative operating system, but this is useful, why isn’t it on a Mac? And window zoom button. Sometimes you really want Safari to go the whole screen. Not the size “optimized for viewing this website”. Possibly even not Safari. Fullscreen. Period. So NuKit includes Real Zoom. And finally, you love your Mac just works and doesn’t waste your time on setting up things. So we tried hard to make NuKit the same: easy to setup, easy to use.


Instant launch: run any application by typing its name.

Aliases: handy short commands to open popular searches and web sites.

Any application can be assigned to system wide shortcut.

E.g., ⌥⇧S to run Safari and ⌥⇧M to launch or switch to Mail.
Window Mover

Arranging windows now becomes fun. Press the user-definable modifier and start moving or resizing any window mouse cursor is currently over.

Happy MacBook owners — NuKit supports multitouch two or three finger gestures to be used to move or resize.

If you try to type something like 2+2 or even sin(π/2) you see the evaluation results. Calculator can work with big numbers, rationals, knows many math functions.

It even displays the result in hexadecimal or binary form, just in case you need it.
Real Zoom

Change the behavior of standard window zoom button to make it what it should be — zoom window to full screen. With Real Close you can quickly close the whole application by closing one of its windows.
Dock & Finder

Missing Mac OS X Dock appearance settings: 2D look and hidden application dimming and Finder preferences.


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