Machine Wash v.2.0 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Machine Wash v.2.0 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

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Machine Wash v.2.0 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Mister Retro Machine Wash Deluxe v 2.0 - For those who are in the shop, usually corrects photos and simple postcard does, I would not recommend such a whopper to install (there are more simple and lightly plows and Actions, yes, them and on our website can be found). And those who are involved in graphics seriously - will appreciate. It's so "prostirnut" picture can be - my mother, do not worry ... One problem - basurmanoyazychnaya prog, so that either the English courses (long and expensive), or known by anyone and is not canceled, "at random" (cheap, fast and angry). In general, moving the sliders and see the result ...

Finally you using image filters Machine Wash can create professional-quality texture images using when creating the effects of aging and discoloration of the sunlight! Complete collection of plug-ins (240 individual effects), working on the principle of action in Photoshop, artificially staryaschih image, adding wear, dirt, scratches and other defects of the image.

The most popular properties:
* Pick-Effect Textures Preview - now faster and easier to find and view the perfect texture in real time on your image, without going through each effect the texture. You can also filter the effects of style and name of the effect.
* The use of Wash Effect on Layer Masks - Now you can use our affordable Wash effect on the layer mask image that lets you fine-tune Wash effect, leaving the original image untouched.
* Presets - You can create and save a lot of preset settings for your selected parameters effect plug-in. In addition to this plugin already has plenty of presets ready to help you create masterpieces at an early stage!

New properties of the plugin:
* The use of external effects - Create a spatial surface effects with a strong and easy to use lighting and color adjustments.
* Say 'Song for saying good' hard work and 'Hello' background! - Create a realistic background images and effects with a simple and precise control!
* The multiplier effect - Do not run multiple plug-in to combine effects, you can now create multiple effects at once.
* Add depth! - Create, apply and adjust the natural and realistic-looking three-dimensional textured depth perspective on all of your images.
* Effect Setting Communication - Once you have created the ideal texture settings, synchronize the scale of the effect the texture and orientation of each section marked for easy editing!

Common improve the plug-in:
* Enhanced Preview - With new options, preview windows, you can easily view and edit only the effect of the image.
* Applying effects to a new layer - do not worry about losing your original image when you can now generate a filtered image in a new layer.
* Improved Texture Effects on large images - Improved perevyborka texture to retain more detail texture when applied to large images.

As part of the assembly:
1. Finally you can create professional quality image aging and weathering effects with the Machine Wash Image Filters! This closely guarded secret of the apparel industry can now be yours!
2. Create even more professional quality image aging and weathering effects with the Machine Wash II Image Filters! 60 new filters to compliment the original Machine Wash Filter Collection.
3. Introducing even more professional quality image weathering and tactile effects with the Machine Wash III Image Filters! 60 amazing new filters to compliment the Machine Wash Filter Collection.
4. Introducing the fourth in thr Machine Wash Filter Collection, Machine Wash Volume IV! Featuring 60 more amazing new weathering, distress, and tactile effects you'll be sure to love.

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