Camtasia Studio 6.2 + serial FULL


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Camtasia Studio 6.2 + serial FULL

Camtasia Studio 6.2 + serial FULL
When it comes to producing professional-looking movies and demos from your computer screen, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio continues to strike the right balance between a powerful toolset and ease of use.

The feature-packed screencast app--which includes HD production settings--does have a learning curve, but enhancements like a refurbished interface and bringing user-friendly icons for most-used tools to the forefront goes a long way toward lowering the intimidation factor a notch, as do the online video tutorials and the program's help center.

There's a new content area showcasing like templates, music, and outros supplied from a third-party vendor known as Digital Juice, with additional content available for purchase. A more eye-catching screen recorder module is another improvement.

The rest of the changes to Camtasia Studio 7 address everything from more effects and cursor customizations to links for sharing more videos with viewers, to an enhanced production wizard for uploading completed videos to YouTube.

Beyond these additions, Camtasia Studio remains largely the same powerhouse for creating and producing screencasts for the Web, mobile phones, and DVDs. Well-rounded production settings continue to present presets for novices, additional applications, like an audio editor and the CD MenuMaker, round out the features.

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