Steinberg Groove Agent 2


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Steinberg Groove Agent 2

Steinberg Groove Agent 2

Are you looking to cop the groove of a real drummer, but don’t have time for exhaustive recording sessions or an able drummer at your disposal? Then look no further Steinberg's Groove Agent 2. Offering the right rhythms for all popular music styles of the last 50 years, this virtual drummer is the perfect solution for every tracking challenge. With Groove Agent 2 and just a few mouse clicks, you can create full-fledged drum tracks that sound as dynamic and spirited as a flesh-and-blood drummer grooving to your tune in real time. Numerous variations, fills, drum kits and all but unlimited mix-and-match options give your creativity free rein.

Version 2 of Groove Agent offers oodles of fresh new styles, kits and drum sounds tailored to satisfy the demands of contemporary productions and hip, in-demand musical genres. What’s more, additional output busses, an optimized user interface, and a bevy of other useful new features are part of the package

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