Real VNC Enterprise v4.4.2

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Real VNC Enterprise v4.4.2
Real VNC Enterprise v4.4.2

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.4.2 - released 17th June 2008All Platforms
Improved behaviour of "Use these settings for all connections" option in VNC Viewer.
VNC Enterprise Edition for Windows changes
Added UAC prompt when stopping or starting VNC Server in Service-Mode on Vista.
FIXED: "AES authentication error" using single sign-on with no encryption.
FIXED: Failure to single sign-on between Windows and UNIX on some systems.
FIXED: Blue screen installing VNC Mirror Driver over RDP.
FIXED: VNC Viewer flickering when server screen blanking is enabled.
FIXED: Cannot disable the option to remember the Master Password in VNC Address Book.
FIXED: VNC Address Book crash if the window is scrolled while renaming an entry.
FIXED: Occasional "Bad obfuscated password length" error using encrypted passwords with VNC Address Book.

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