Neuro Programmer 2

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Neuro Programmer 2

The Neuro-Programmer 2 is on the cutting edge of mind technology, implementing both old and new techniques to affect the mind much like an engineer would program a computer. NP implements the methods of Psychologists, EEG Researchers, Neuro-Regulation Experts, Hypnotists, Meditators, NLP practitioners, Buddhists and more. One aspect of the Neuro-Programmer that makes it unique is that it targets specific brainwave patterns which have been shown to make the mind more receptive to psychological change.

Everybody has internal problems. The vast majority of people live their entire lives in a constant battle with their own mind and their own behaviors. Many of these problems are so deeply rooted they have existed since childhood. Most people have simply come to accept their limitations or unwanted personality traits.

Using NP2, you no longer have to accept your limitations.

The NeuroProgrammer system can be grouped into 2 main categories, the Psychological and the Neurological . Often, mental problems require a combination of solutions. The features of NP2 recognize the complexity of the brain, and give you all the tools needed to produce real, dramatic changes in your life.

The Neurological

Using specially structured light and sound techniques, NP2 is able to affect the mind directly using a neural process known as Brainwave Entrainment. Brainwave patterns represent the electrical activity of the brain. By shifting this activity, NP2 produces mental states conducive to your goals. For example, NP2 can be used to guide your mind to its most receptive possible state, or a brainwave pattern that leaves the mind more receptive to suggestion, vastly increasing the effect of psychological techniques. From there the possibilities are endless: use recorded Suggestions, Affirmations, Verbal Guidance and Hypnotic Scripts. Use NP2 to enhance your Visualization abilities, giving you access to some of the most powerful and practical psychological methods yet devised.

Additionally, brainwave stimulation alone can have a direct effect on your mental state. Using NP2, brainwave patterns can be optimized to help with specific problems. A common use of NP2 is to help increase attention, focus and memory - all very helpful for students or people with ADD. It can also be used to reduce stress, help with migraines and much more.

There are a huge variety of brainwave-stimulating Audio/Visual Sessions available in NP2. In fact there are over 125 of them! Some are meant for relaxation, while others are meant for studying, creativity, sleep, sports performance, ADD or headache relief.

Professional use of the Neuro-Programmer 2

The Neuro-Programmer (NP2) is used by professionals around the world. From Coaches using it to train their athletes, to Surgeons using it to reduce anesthetics and speed up recovery time.

Before building NP2, we consulted with a wide variety of professionals, asking them what they would like to see in an application like this. What would save them time and money, yet be flexible and powerful enough to provide the best possible solution for clients, students and patients. The feedback we received has raised the bar for this industry and NP2 is the prime example of that.

Whether you are a psychologist, hypnotherapist, teacher or medical doctor, NP2 can help save you time and help your clients achieve their goals.

Here are a few examples the NeuroProgrammer being used Professionally:

* Hypnotherapists using it to produce take-home CDs or to do digital hypnosis sessions with clients
* Pre-surgery to help clients relax, reduce anesthetics and excess bleeding
* Post-surgery to speed up recovery
* Psychologists using it to augment traditional therapy
* Athletes using it to train their mind and prepare for competition
* "Day traders" using it to increase their trading performance and confidence
* In massage and eastern medicine clinics to help clients relax
* Teachers using it to help students learn, focus and reduce ADD
* Professional research centers, researching applications such as Brain Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Useful as both a Professional tool and a take-home device for clients
NP2 is powerful enough to be used professionally, but is simple enough to be used by anyone. While a professional may use it to develop complex brain training protocols, verbal guidance or hypnotic scripts, a patient can use it for home treatment, relaxation and education.
Create CDs for your clients
You can easily develop custom protocols for your clients and burn them to CD for take-home use. You can also produce CDs for mass market sale (note that in both cases you will need a Commercial License).
Develop Custom Brain Training Protocols, or use the ones already included
NP2 Professional allows you to easily develop custom brain training protocols based on any medical history, psychological evaluations or brain maps you have of the client. Additionally, most of the well known protocols (commonly used in studies and clinics) are included in the package. Over 125 highly effective protocols are included, with ample documentation, abstracts, references and instructions included.
Develop Psychological Profiles
NP includes tools to help gauge what the best protocol may be for your clients, such as the NLP Sensory Modality test and Session Recommendation Wizard. Additionally, the NP2 documentation acts a handy reference for well-tested psychological techniques and research.

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