MacWare MacFlux 3.1.14 (UB)

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MacWare MacFlux 3.1.14 (UB)

MacWare MacFlux 3.1.14 (UB)
Mac OS X | 111.19 MB
MacFlux provides everything you need to create and publish your own website the same day you start using it: pre-designed website templates, a drag-and-drop interface, simple palettes for style changes, and an editing interface that shows the website the way it would be displayed on the Internet. Professional web designers can even drill down to the source code to truly unleash their web design skills.

No HTML experience required!
Full website templates included
Drag-and-drop editing
Pre-designed page layouts
History feature allows you to easily reverse experimental changes or mistakes
Powerful image editing using Core Image filters
Live preview
Create website forms
Full source code editor
WebKit support
Add Plugins for more dynamic sites (including Coda Plugins)
Google Font API Support
Quickly debug your site to find errors
Upload to FTP or MobileMe

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