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Yabdab Apps - RapidWeaver Plugins
TabLoom 1.0.0
Is the easiest way to present data within slick tabs all in one RapidWeaver page.
For all of you content junkies, feel free to load your pages with tons of text, organized into nice,
simple tabs. No more scrolling through page after page of boring, monotonous text.
Keep it simple. Keep it in tabs!

PayLoom 2.0.2
Is an ecommerce plugin for RapidWeaver.
It lets you create online catalog/shopping cart pages compatible with PayPal Shopping cart.
Create online catalogs with the ease of Rapidweaver, collect payments quickly
and efficiently with PayPal.

FormLoom 1.3.2
Add power and flexibility to your RapidWeaver pages.
This RapidWeaver plugin allows you to quickly layout great looking forms and contact pages.
There's a lot of power behind the scenes too. Have the forms submitted to you via email,
or integrate the submitted data into your MySQL database.
FormLoom supports both phpmailer and SMTP form-to-email submisisons providing
compatibility with all standard webhosting environments.

Yabdab Plugins require "RapidWeaver 4"
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


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