YourHead RapidWeaver Plugins


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YourHead RapidWeaver Plugins

Accordion 1.5.3
Accordion is a dynamic animated page for RapidWeaver.
Items smoothly slide open and slide closed again when you're done.
Accordion works with just about any content like text, images, and even HTML.

Collage 2.1.1
Collage is a slick thumbnail gallery for images.
With Collage it's easy to add beautiful frames, slick hover effects, and even an animated slideshow.

Carousel 1.3.2
Carousel builds an animated bar thumbnails from your images.
Click on a thumbnail and the full size content fades in. Add text, images,
and even HTML to your full size content.

Kwix 1.1.0
Kwix is a great way to build a menu on your RapidWeaver site.
It's simple, fun, and super easy to setup.

Stacks 1.3.1
Stacks is a new way to create pages in RapidWeaver:
A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity of Blocks with the power of fluid layout.

Blocks 3.2.4
Blocks brings freeform layout to RapidWeaver.
Drag and drop text, images, and even HTML. Edit, organize, and resize your blocks
any way you like, with Blocks can build just about anything.



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