HDR Expose 1.0.2 Mac OS

HDR Expose 1.0.2 Mac OS

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HDR Expose 1.0.2 Mac OS

HDR Expose 1.0.2 Mac OS Fotografia

HDR Expose™ is an HDR merge & editing application for Mac that works in 32-bit floating point precision. Automatically merge multiple exposures into one HDR image. Adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining a full 32-bit workflow without tone mapping. Produces crisp, photo-realistic HDR images without halos or color shifts. Package includes standalone application and export plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom® and Apple Aperture®.

Features :

Dramatically control workflow with a state-of-the-art ‘HDR Image Tools’ side panel
Support for working with multiple images using Tabbed Document Interface (TDI)
Modern digital readout for RGB and Bch values
Integrated ‘output filter’ to adjust display brightness and tint filters
Image’s brightness histogram with the indication of visible range
Greater control over image size and DPI resolution
Refined parameters for extreme adjustments to veiling glare and ‘dark noise’ reduction
New options for ‘Ultimate’ halo reduction and ‘LC Adjustment’ to control local contrast
New ‘Brightness’ control slider for individual pixels in selected color range
New ‘edit recipes’ added to tools panel for adjusting parameters in the operations history list
State-of-the-art merge procedure produces highly precise image alignment
Merge procedure expanded for extreme recovery of color data from JPEG/TIFF sources
Improved de-ghosting options implemented with 3 choices: natural, sharp edge & smooth edge
Now save files in Radiance .HDR format
Most computationally intensive operations now use new Open Computing Language interface (OpenCL) to run on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

System Requirements:
OS: Intel-based Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)


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