Zutubi Pulse Server 2.2.17



Zutubi Pulse Server 2.2.17 | MacOSX

Segui @applesana_es
Zutubi Pulse Server is a continuous integration server that is simple to set up and easy to use while providing advanced features. Pulse automatically monitors your SCM server, checks out changed code, builds it and notifies you of the results. Pulse is designed to save you time through a combination of usability and advanced features. It also adapts to your existing environment, allowing you to get started without changing the way you work.

Pulse boasts all the features you expect of an fully featured continuous integration server, along with some that are rarely found in competing systems:

Continuous Integration Basics
Supported build tools
Supported SCMs and change information
Integrated test reporting
Scheduling builds
Build notifications
Capture build artifacts
Incremental builds

Advanced Continuous Integration
Personal builds
Distributed builds
Project Dependencies
Changelist isolation
Resource dependencies
Manual build properties

Build Reporting
Reporting interface
Extract information
Project reports
Real-time build logs
Build controls
Build history

Configurable dashboard
Project groups
Flexible subscription conditions
Predictable URL scheme
Built-in documentation

Take responsibility for projects
Comment on builds

Templated configuration
Automatic agent upgrades
Automatic configuration backups
Agent utilisation statistics
Supported databases

Flexible build core
Plugin system
XML-RPC remote API

Repository browsers
Issue trackers

Role-based security
Project and agent ACLs
LDAP integration


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