Apple TV 2: Actualizacion importante KB Apple Febrero 2008

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Apple TV 2: Actualizacion importante KB Apple Febrero 2008

Relacion de articulos importantes para Apple TV 2 de la KB Apple a 16 de Febrero de 2008

Apple TV Fast Start: The New User's Guide for Apple TV

Apple TV: About Apple TV software version 2.0

Apple TV: About standby mode

Apple TV: Adding Podcasts via iTunes

Apple TV: Broadband Internet connection required to playback iTunes Store content

Apple TV: Connections through proxy servers are not supported

Apple TV: HDMI video is too dark or too light

Apple TV: How to upgrade Apple TV software to version 2.0

Apple TV: Initial Configuration

Apple TV: Not able to sign in to the iTunes Store with an AOL account

Apple TV: Not showing in the iTunes device list when connected on Ethernet

Apple TV: Some menu items may not appear with software version 2.0

Apple TV: Switching between wired and wireless networks

Apple TV: Tips and Basic Troubleshooting

Apple TV: What kinds of music and movies can I play on Apple TV?

Apple TV: What You Need

Apple TV: Where to find the Ethernet and wireless ID

How to Purchase TV Shows, Music, and Music Videos on Apple TV

How to rent a movie from the iTunes Store on Apple TV

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