Sounds To Sample Deep House Synths KONTAKT

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Sounds To Sample Deep House Synths KONTAKT

Hoton the heels of their best selling Deep House Synths & Stabsseries, the Dual Shaman team open their sample vaults to deliver thisexclusive selection of 50 all new sampler patches to power the deepesthouse tracks.
From classic house organs and rich stabs to lushpads, synth strings, bells and brass, Deep House synths puts acomprehensive fusion of classic and contemporary deep house synthesis atyour fingertips.

While all sounds are ready to roll straight outof the box, the Dual Shaman guys have deliberately left them as dry aspossible to give you the room to make the patches your own getcreative with parameters and processing for your own custom sound.
Weighingin with over 4GB of multisample content for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion,NN XT and Structure, Deep House Synths is instantly compatible with withnearly all mainstream DAWs.

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