Sonic Reality Rex Pak Vintage Soul Grooves REX2


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Sonic Reality Rex Pak Vintage Soul Grooves REX2

This Rex Pak features classic Funk and Soul grooves from the 60's & 70's. A style made famous by labels such as Atlantic, Stax and Motown, Soul from the 60's and 70's has influenced much of the music of today including R&B, Pop, Dance, Rock and more. This collection offers authentic drum grooves, percussion and electric bass lines and is the ultimate source for adding that vintage flavor to your tunes. Features over 350 drum and percussion grooves and over 280 vintage bass lines in Rex2 format.

Over 300 Vintage Soul grooves
Tons of fills and variations
Straight and swing feel
Over 280 authentic Soul bass lines
15+ percussion loops
Tempos: 60-190 bpm

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