Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack VST RTAS v3.0-AiR

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Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack VST RTAS v3.0-AiR

The Blue Tubes Bundle is a collection of 16 plug-ins processors for PC and Mac OSX.
Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings. This bundle recreates the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware. The sound quality of Blue Tubes is nothing short of amazing. Yet all 16 plug-ins provide a simple and functional "vintage-style" interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing.
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0 BT Brick Wall Peak Limiter
0 BT Analog Compressor CP-2S
0 BT Vintage Compressor FA-770
0 BT Master Limiter LM-2S
0 BT Gate Limiter GL-201
0 BT Deesser DS-2S
0 BT Analog Equalizer PEQ-2A
0 BT Vintage Equalizer PEQ-2B
0 BT MidRange Equalizer PEQ-2C
0 BT Analog Chorus/Flanger CH-2S
0 BT Multi-Stage Phaser PH-2S
0 BT Tube-Driver DR-2S
0 BT Stereo Imager
0 BT Tempo Delay 3D
0 BT Long Delay LE
0 BT Oilcan Echo TLE-2S

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