Digidesign Eleven 8.0.0 – RTAS TDM

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Digidesign Eleven 8.0.0 – RTAS TDM

Eleven is a powerful TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite plug-in that sets a new standard for recording and live guitar amp sound. Eleven allows you to achieve highly realistic, jaw-dropping guitar tones based on the world’s most coveted vintage and modern tube amps, speaker cabinets, and mics — all right in your Pro Tools or VENUE rig.

Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, and Soldano amplifiers.* Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone, or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models — all captured at their best in a world-class studio.

System Requirements:
• Avid-qualified system:
◦◦ Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools LE, or Pro Tools M-Powered system running Pro Tools 7.1 or higher software (Pro Tools 7.3 or higher recommended)
◦◦ Avid Xpress®, Avid Xpress DV, or Avid DNA™ system (AudioSuite only)
◦◦ VENUE system running D-Show® 2.0 or higher software

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