Digidesign Hardware Emulator v1.0.1 OSX iNTEL (XVX)



The install.command file will install XVXDevice, XVX Panel, and a StartupItems
command that will automatically load XVXDevice on startup. This will fix the
bug that requires you to enter your password every time. If you should ever
require that XVXDevice NOT to autoload, remove the folder XVXDeviceLoader from

Fixes for this version:

XVX Panel was previously using Garbage Collection, which created some hard-to-
understand crash logs and hard-to-track-down bugs. It has been migrated over to
retain/release, so some memory management crashes have been fixed.

Mixing algorithm has been modified in the driver, which should (hopefully)
alleviate some problems with clicking and popping during playback. It is
important to remember, buffer size is a factor in this. Keeping the OUTPUT
buffer size at 512 or even 1024 is recommended. Also, in the Pro Tools playback
engine dialog, keeping the box for ignore errors during playback/record unchecked
is known to help too.

As for choosing certain devices in XVX Panel causing a crash, detailed
information would be useful. We have a limited number of devices to test on,
so detailed information about your device will help us identify where the problem
is. Information such as channel count, sample rates, number of inputs, etc...
better yet, an ioreg dump while your device is loaded would be invaluable. You
can get this by typing
ioreg -lw0 > ~/Desktop/ioreg.txt
at the terminal.

Driver-level audio controls have been DISABLED in this version.

We are also working on getting driver-level patches ready. This means we will be
able to patch the actual drivers for your device to be recognized by Pro Tools.
This will decrease the additional latency by removing the "middle-man" layer. As
an FYI, the way Pro Tools institutes the hardware requirement is by modifying the
sound data. The algorithm to decode this modification lives in the driver. So while
it is possible to add certain information to the driver to get it recognized and
able to be used and seen by Pro Tools, the sound will be incredibly distorted. Our
next approach will be a plug-in KEXT approach, that overrides methods in the
existing driver and adds the algorithm to ANY driver, giving it the capability to
decode the sound data from Pro Tools.

Just goes to show you that the only purpose behind this hardware restriction is to

Debugging in the kernel is extremely tedious.. Can't tell you the number of times
my machine has kernel panicked in the last month while developing this driver.
Also, we do this for fun. The reversers on Team XVX are not audio guys, and the
ones that are.. well, they use Logic ,)

Team XVX

1) Unpack
2) Read README
3) Run install.command

password para descomprimir: emulator

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