NoteAbility Pro 2.418

NoteAbility Pro 2.418


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NoteAbility Pro 2.418 - partituras
NoteAbility Pro 2.418 - partituras

NoteAbilityPro is a professional music notation package for the Macintosh OS X operating system. Developed by Dr. Keith Hamel at the University of British Columbia, it is easily the most sophisticated music notation software available on any platform. NoteAbility combines both musical intelligence and graphical flexibility in a direct and intuitive graphical user interface. Notate anything from simple melodies to complex avant garde orchestral music, play the score on your MIDI synthesizer or using Quicktime Musical Instruments and print a publishable copy of your score on any OS X compatible printer.

If you have been frustrated by the awkwardness and inflexibility of other notation programs, or by the time it takes to learn them, then you definitely should have a look at NoteAbility Pro.

Features :

· Complete set of standard and extended music images (including graphical versions of most images that can be placed anywhere on the page).
· A wide variety of entry methods including mouse, on-screen keyboard, MIDI step time, MIDI real time and QuickScrawl (gesture recognition).
· No limits on score size, image size, number of staves, rhythmic complexity, chord complexity, beaming, tuplet groupings, etc.
· On-screen inspector for modifying the attributes of images and altering the layout of your score.
· Selection options include shift-selection and selection across multiple pages for efficient editing of your score.
· Drag and drop TIFF or PDF graphics from a library of custom images.
· Extensive import and export options.
· Automatic part extraction.
· Playback through MIDI and/or QuickTime.
· Complete on-line help (HTML and PDF).
· Unlimited number of pages per document
· Unlimited page size (width and height)
· User-specified margins
· Up to 40 systems per page
· Up to 40 staves per system
· Up to 16 measures per system (expandable after setup)
· Standard clefs (treble, alto, tenor, bass, soprano, treble-tenor, octave-bass, percussion)
· Variable number of lines in staff (1 - 6)
· Staff type (number of lines) may change at any location
· Staff segments may be hidden at any location
· Standard key signatures
· All time signatures from 1/1 to 32/32 plus complex time signatures (eg. 1/4 3/8)
· Standard and custom braces on each system (including nested braces)
· Standard & custom barlines on each system
· Staff labels (right or left justified in any font & font size)
· Automatic addition of pages as needed
· Document display from 25% to 1000%
· Adjustable page size


· Any Macintosh computer capable of running the OS-X operating system. This includes all Macs with a G3, G4, or better processor.
· At least 128 MBytes of RAM.
· At least 100 Mbytes of free disk space.
· Any Mac OS X compatible printer (using USB, Appletalk or on a network).
· Any Mac OS X compatible USB Midi interface (optional).

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