it's great. :-) Megan Lee

it's great. :-) Megan Lee



it's great. :-) Megan Lee

Megan Lee is a Korean American singer, songwriter, and actress most known for her singing talents on Youtube. Megan officially began her professional career in acting, singing, and dancing at the age of 10.

She has appeared in numerous national commercials including spots for McDonald's, Verizon, and Nintendo (the Nintendo DS), Bratz, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Trix as well as TV programs such as the Crash TV series, Kidz Bop, Nickelodeon's i-Carly, Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards, Disney's Get Connected, 3 Minute Game Show & various Independent Film projects, and most recently, South Korea's popular show, MBC Star Audition

The Great Birth Season 1 and Season 2 on one of South Korea's main broadcast networks (MBC). On Season 2 of MBC's Star Audition, Lena Park personally selected Megan over a number of other competitors to be Megan's mentor.


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