myTracks 2.2.15

myTracks 2.2.15

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myTracks 2.2.15

myTracks 2.2.15 | Mac Os X | 30 MB

myTracks is the swiss-army knife for organizing your GPS tracks. They can be loaded from a broad range of devices and organized in a library comfortably. Once imported you can drag & drop photo files, either JPG or RAW, to myTracks and they will be assigned to the GPS tracks automatically (Geotagging). myTracks works perfectly with iPhoto ’09 and ’11, Aperture, Lightroom and any other photo organizing software.

GPS Devices
myTracks supports a lot of different GPS devices. Using the GPS Logger Assistant the setup is done with some simple clicks. Finally you can import GPS tracks directly into myTracks.

Track Library
GPS tracks can be managed within the track library comfortably. You can structure the library using folders as much as you like.

myTracks has two different Geotagging modes. In the 1-click geotagging mode you only have to drag&drop your files onto myTracks‘s dock icon. The second mode gives you full control over the geotagging process. E.g. you can specify a time correction if your camera was set to the wrong time.
It is also possible to use myTracks for manual geotagging in case you don‘t have a GPS track.
myTracks can geotag both JPEG and RAW image files.

Apple’s iPhoto ’09 and ’11
You use iPhoto ’09 or ’11? Then you will love myTracks because geotagging becomes so easy. Just drag&drop your photos to myTracks‘s dock icon and myTracks automatically updates the location information of your photos in the iPhoto places database.

Apple’s Aperture
With myTracks comes a plug-in for Aperture 2 and 3. You can use this plug-in to easily open photos organized in Aperture in myTracks. After geotagging with myTracks the photos will be updated in Aperture. This works perfectly with Aperture’s new Places feature. The plug-in works with both JPEG and RAW image files.

myTracks shows GPS tracks on maps such as OpenStreetMap or Microsoft Bing Maps. You can move the map and zoom in and out. You can also add other offline maps.
To easily navigate to different places myTracks provides a bookmark and a search feature.

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
A free myTracks edition for the iPhone and iPod touch is available on Apple’s AppStore. You can use this app for recording tracks and to copy your Mac track library including the linked photos to your iPhone. This is your Track Library ToGo.

Elevation and Speed Profile
Besides displaying GPS tracks on the map myTracks can show an elevation and a speed profile.

Editing Tracks
Sometimes, GPS tracks are not very accurate. GPS loggers may have problems in the mountains or between high buildings. In this case you may want to correct these tracks. You can edit track points and even whole parts of track using the edit mode of myTracks. Its also possible to delete individual track points.

Import and Export
You can export GPS tracks to different file formats. Besides the standard for GPS tracks, GPX, you can export track to KML and KMZ files. You can import both GPX and KML files of course.
If you have photos which already contain GPS information it‘s also possible to create a new track out of these files.

Google Earth
With a single click you can view a GPS track with Google Earth.

myTracks also supports geocaching. You can import geocaches from services such as or and the caches are shown on the maps. You can filter the caches based on different criteria. You can also export filtered lists of geocaching for paperless caching.

Online Services
myTracks can upload your photos including the location information to the online photo services flickr and locr.

myTracks has a detailed online help. With short screencasts the different features of myTracks are explained clearly.
After the first start of myTracks special help windows will pop-up explaining the most important workflows.

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