Puzzle Quest 2 2010 PC

Puzzle Quest 2 2010 PC



Puzzle Quest 2 2010 PC

Likepeanut butter and chocolate or French fries and ice cream, PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords seemingly odd mix of genres justworked. It resulted in a surprisingly deep and layered experience fromboth its role-playing and puzzling parts. The sequel--Puzzle Quest2--doesnt stray far from the core of the original but introducesseveral new additions to make it a more accessible experience. Theoutcome is mixed, with a more fun and varied puzzle side coexisting witha less engaging role-playing half. Improved looks and an interestingnew multiplayer mode make the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game thesuperior one available, and while overall Puzzle Quest 2 is a lessengrossing experience than its popular predecessor, its still anaddictive and at times compelling game.

Puzzle Quest 2 (2010/PC/FullIso/Multi)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : Multi | Release Date : Aug 12, 2010
Publisher : Namco Networks America | Developer : Infinite Int. | Genre : Action Puzzle
Size : 295 Mb

The stronger half ofthis sequel is its puzzle side, which once again sees you having tomatch jewels and items by sliding them around a rectangular 8-by-8 grid(ditching the hexagonal play field used in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix).When in battle, you need to match three or more skulls to do damage, ormatch three or more different-colored gems to earn the mana that fuelsyour various spells and special attacks. Matching four or more of thesame type of gem grants you another turn, and this, coupled with thevarious spells you can launch to assist your efforts or impede yourfoes, adds a significant strategic layer to the gameplay. You constantlyneed to think a few moves ahead to ensure that you dont leave youropponent in an advantageous position, and you also have to strategicallytarget which gems to grab to make the best use of your spells andabilities. The matches can be just as exciting and involving as theywere in the original, as a plus, this time around your opponents donthave the uncanny ability to earn continuous extra turns and go ondamaging runs at will. This makes Puzzle Quest 2 more fair than itspredecessor and makes your success more dependent on skill than luck.

Thepuzzles arent exactly the same as in the original, however, with thebiggest addition to battle in Puzzle Quest 2 being the ability to useweapons or shields. While the original let you equip gear that conferredstat bonuses on your character, the sequel goes one step further byletting you use these items during a fight. You can equip up to twoitems at once, and, like with spells, you need to collect a specific gemon the board before an item can be used (in this case, agauntlet-shaped action jewel). Youll come across some powerful weaponsand shields in Puzzle Quest 2, which are a significant addition to yourarsenal and an important part of most battles.
The addition ofweapons makes matches faster paced thanks to their ability to deal largeamounts of damage, but its not the only way Puzzle Quest 2 improves onits standard puzzle mechanic. Youll come across seven variations tothe basic gem-matching game, and theyre integrated seamlessly into youroverall adventure. A locked door, for example, will trigger a lock-pickpuzzle, which requires you to match specific items featured on thebottom of the board. To disarm a trap, you need a set number of matchesin each type of gem, while to loot a chest, you have to join upkey-shaped gems that appear only after youve matched other gem types.Theres even a special boss-type puzzle, which gives you a specialone-off weapon or ability that can be used only after meeting a high gemrequirement. The basic gem-matching mechanic may be the same, but thesevariants make Puzzle Quest 2 a much more diverse experience than theoriginal, keeping the game involving for its lengthy single-playercampaign long after the story starts to drag.
Setup Instruction
1- Extract Rar File
2- Click Setup.exe to Instal the Game
3- Play & Have Fun .................... Enjoy ,)

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