Evolva (PC/ENG/2000)



Evolva (PC/ENG/2000)

Segui @applesana_es
In the game, you command the Evolva, a team of genetically mutable "genohunters" on a mission to rid a planet on the edge of the galaxy of a world-eating parasite and its spawn. Your four genohunters are capable of mutating to incorporate genes unique to the aliens you encounter on your crusade, as they physically append new weapons and morph to reflect their added abilities. You actually control the development and balance of various genetic abilities in the mutation screen: Each time a genohunter mutates, you are presented with two genetic paths to choose from, each with benefits and shortcomings, until you accumulate more genes to achieve a net increase in power.
Evolva (PC/ENG/2000)
PC | | Publisher: Interplay | Developer: Computer Artworks | 456 Mb
Genre: Action


System Requirements:
System: PII 233 or equivalent
RAM: 128 Mb
Video Memory: 15 Mb
Hard Drive Space: 450 Mb

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