F22 Lightning 3 (PC/ENG)



F22 Lightning 3 (PC/ENG)

F22 Lightning 3 (PC/ENG)

PC | Language: English | 540 MB

F-22 Lightning III is a fairly straightforward, easy-to-play, simple-to-get-into F-22 flight simulation, featuring good graphics and mission structure, as well as a more pronounced emphasis on fast and furious multiplayer games. You can step up the screen resolution all the way to 1024x768, though 800x600 runs fine for 3dfx owners (recommended, as the HUD is easier to read in the full cockpit mode). Hardware requirements are surprisingly lax - 800x600 on a Voodoo2 is extremely smooth with all the options turned on. Then again the price you pay is the fog, which seems to be too close for comfort, diminishing how far you can see onto the horizon. One nice graphical feature is the variety of weather: snow, thunderstorms, driving rain, and so forth. The lightning is a particularly good effect, not to mention the nuclear explosions (more on those babies later). The aircraft are well detailed and sport a variety of paint schemes.

That brings us to gameplay, which is pretty simplified and easy to learn. Many of the controls are standard, borrowing from previous NovaLogic flight sims in more than a few areas. Many extra commands can be accessed directly through various though somewhat unusual key combinations, mostly through the use of the control key. You can customize your controls for the keyboard and joystick to whatever you want. You'll spend most of your time in the HUD or virtual cockpit views, or slewing to the padlock in between. There are external views, including a target view, all of which can be tilted and/or panned, but they are hardly intuitive or action-oriented. Typically everything you need to know is in the HUD, though when the missiles start flying it would be better to switch to the virtual cockpit for a gander at the radar view. Missions are objective- and waypoint-oriented, so you basically fly your route and attempt to accomplish the goal - blowing something up, shooting something down, or trying not to get yourself or your buddies killed.

Overall, though, NovaLogic has churned out a pretty good flight simulation that does its job well. It's an F-22 flight simulation where you can jump into the cockpit, fly for a minute or two, and hop straight into the action, and it provides a variety of missions and multiplayer options that other sims will find difficult to compete against.


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