Fuel Collective Permute v1.3.5 Mac OS X

12/12/2017Snow leopard

Permute is an easy to use, Drag & Drop interface for converting almost any video. Comes with tons of presets for things like the Apple TV (1&2) Xbox, Playstation, iPhone, and much more. If that isn't enough, you can even create your own presets! We take care of all the technical backend stuff for you. No more confusing controls and formats that are hard to understand.

Permute has unique features like the ability to convert .dvdmedia files and VIDEO_TS folders into ISO files so you can easily watch your videos on many modern media centers.

With Permute being 64-bit and the ability to take advantage of all the cores on your machine, you can bet Permute will quickly concert just about any video.

- Easy to use, Drag & Drop Video converting
- Easy Presets for things like xbox, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.
- Custom Presets or modify existing ones
- 64-bit all the way to the core.
- Can take advantage of all the cores on your computer (may not apply for all presets).
- Convert .dvdmedia & VIDEO_TS folders to ISO files for better media center support.

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