sArchiver Compress dmg,zip,rar,tar,arj

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sArchiver Compress dmg,zip,rar,tar,arj

What's New

Version 3.8.14
•added option to create surrounding folder before extraction
•added option to backup your Mail in the backup utility

Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or late

Supported formats: RAR, Zip, 7z, DMG Images, LHA, ARJ, Bzip2, Tar, tar.gz,

Complete RAR support
The RAR compression format is one of the best compression formats in the world.
Many archivers compress in numberless formats but non of them can handle the RAR completely.
sArchiver supports RAR compression and decompression, splitting and testing completely.

Archive converter
Ever wanted to convert your archvies from one type to another?
sArchiver convert archives with just one click.
You can easily convert Rar, Zip, 7z, LHA, Arj archives to Rar, 7z, Zip.

SFX archives
Wouldn't it be great if you can archive your valuable data and transfer it anywhere, without worrying about unarchivers?
sArchiver's SFX archive extracts itself without need of any 3th party applications or utilities.
You can also leave notes inside the archive for yourself or other person. It's useful if you want to leave a message or password hint for someone.
The SFX archives are completely independent. You don't need sArchiver to extract them.

Splitting archives
sArchiver is able to split archives to volumes with size by your choice.
Supported size formats are in Kilobytes, Megabytes and even Gigabytes.

System Backups
Backup your
- Documents
- Preferences
- Mail

with just a click.
sArchiver's backups are totally independent. You don't need sArchiver to restore your information.

File preview
sArchiver is able to preview images and other kind of files on the fly without extracting the whole archive.

Compress & Upload to FTP with ease
Compress your archive and automatically upload it to your predefined FTP with ease.

Email notification
Receive (or send to friend/colleague) an email notification when archive upload is completed including archive link and date and time uploaded.

Integrated DMG image creation utility
sArchiver has integrated DMG image creation utility. It supports image sizing and password encryption. It can encrypt your image with AES 128 or 256 bit algorithm using password.

sArchiver is multi-threaded
You can create an archive and leave sArchiver to compress it in background while you open another archive and work with it (add, remove, preview, extract, test it, etc.
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