Postbox 2.5.1

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Postbox 2.5.1

Postbox 2.5.1 | Mac Os X | 20.33 MB

Postbox, the true alternative to the native emails apps, just got a facelift and I mean a facelift. This upgrade to version 2.5.1 is no minor tweaking here and there but more like an overhaul to its UI.

New features includes

Fast 64-bit Support for Mac OS X On the Mac, Postbox 2.5 is now running in 64-bit mode, which translates to faster startup, snappier interface elements, and quicker message loading.

Vertical Thread Pane View Postbox now supports a double-row Vertical Thread Pane View, which makes more efficient use of widescreen displays.

- Improved Vertical view
- Improved compose window
- Inline quick reply
- Enhanced font size controls
- Improved message view
- Improved unread indicators in folder and focus pane
- IMAP support for Yahoo! Mail
- Improved migration and account setup wizard on Mac OS X.


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