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Photo Mechanic 4.6.7

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Photo Mechanic 4.6.7 | Mac Os X | 25 MB

Photo Mechanic is a photographer’s image browser tool. It is the answer for professional digital photographers looking for a fast and easy-to-use image browser for digital camera files. Photo Mechanic’s innovative batch captioning, renaming, speedy browsing, and Photoshop connectivity features have made it the choice of thousands of photojournalists and professional photographers worldwide. Optimized for use with professional cameras from Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax, Photo Mechanic has become the standard tool for digital image browsing.

Photo Mechanic is a standalone image browser that lets you view your digital photos with convenience and speed. Photo Mechanic displays the “thumbnails” of photos on a camera disk or folder in familiar “contact sheet” display windows. You can quickly rotate, preview, copy, delete, tag, rename, and add caption / keyword (IPTC news record) information to photos both individually and in batches. Photo Mechanic helps you find the best photo amongst several similar shots with its preview display that lets you flip through a group of selected photos at high resolution. Photo Mechanic can then pass the photos you select on to Adobe Photoshop for image retouching.

Photo Mechanic’s unique Image Variable technology unleashes the power of metadata. Metadata can be information saved with each photo such as image capture data or IPTC fields, or other information like the current date and time. Standard image capture data like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and focal length can be accessed through “variables” and tucked-away in any IPTC field such as the caption. You can also use variables representing the current or capture time, date, or frame number, for example, for file renaming purposes. IPTC fields can be extracted using variables for use in renaming – even the filename variable can be placed in an IPTC field. One important variable called the sequence variable can be used for sequential naming or to serialize certain IPTC fields. In all, Photo Mechanic has more than 60 variables that enable customized workflows for captioning and renaming photos. The possibilities are endless!

Photo Mechanic can also print contact sheets and export HTML for web pages. You can control the layout and size of your thumbnails, and even use Photo Mechanic’s image variables to customize the text for thumbnail titles and page headers or footers, making Photo Mechanic one of the most flexible tools available for formatting your output.
What’s New

Version 4.6.7:

Improved support for Canon EOS 60D, EOS 550D/Rebel T2i, EOS 600D/Rebel T3i, EOS 1000D/Rebel XS, and EOS 1100D/Rebel T3 models.
Added support for RAW ORF files from the Olympus E-5 and XZ-1.
Updated the SmugMug uploader template to work with the latest changes to the SmugMug service.
Updated the DF Studio LINK uploader template to support new features.
The spacebar now opens the preview dialog, regardless of the selection, and shows the first thumbnail of the contact sheet (with no selection) or the first thumbnail of the selected group (one or more).
Image in IPTC Info dialog should now be sharp, even when PM is instructed not to make high quality thumbnails.
Fixed an issue with the use of {seqn} in Ingest and having the sequence number reset.
Fixed the reading of serial numbers larger than 2147483647 for certain Canon models.
Added support for external flash exposure compensation tag for certain Nikon cameras and speedlights. The external flash exposure compensation is now added to the camera body’s flash exposure compensation for models with built-in flash (e.g. D700).
Improved support for case sensitive file systems.
Fixed an issue with the Classic IPTC Stationery Pad and using Today’s date as the default, which would end up applying the Capture Time to the IPTC data instead of Today’s date.
Fixed an issue where switching the IPTC Date/Time popup from Capture Time to Date would show a strange date. Now the IPTC record of the image is consulted for its current IPTC Date/Time value.
Fixed an issue with exporting preferences and the user had not yet used the Structured Keywords panel.
Fixed issues when entering several variables into the Keywords field, especially when using variables with substring extraction.
Preference for not modifying RAW files is now obeyed for Canon CR2 files when ingesting and copying.
(Mac) Fixed a crash bug when reading files and a read-error occurs (e.g. with corrupted flash cards).
(Mac) Fixed crashing issue where quickly and repeatedly pressing Command-W to close the Preview window would close the Preview and the Contact Sheet and later the application would crash.
(Mac) Fixed issue where attempting to launch Photoshop CS5 droplets would fail to launch droplet.
(Win) Fixed problem with launching photos into already running instance of Photoshop versions greater than 5.0.
(Win) Fixed an issue with the ‘E’ keyboard shortcut in the Preview window when no default editor had been set.
(Win) IPTC variables now work for header and footer when printing contacting sheets.
(Win) Updated libSDL to the latest version that fixes an issue with sound playback if the path/filename of the sound file had non-ASCII characters.


Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later


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