iTrash v1.5 (Intel) MacOSX

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iTrash v1.5 (Intel) MacOSX

iTrash (formerly AppTrasher) is an uninstall utility using the Levenshtein Distance algorithm to find related files. This way it can sometimes find more files the any other comparable tool.

iTrash 1.5 | Mac Os X | 7.1 MB

Simple drag&drop

Enabled 'Put Back' feature in trash (OS X 10.6 only)
QuickLook support (OS X 10.6 only)
Ghost Mode : Background mode. Drop something into the trash and iTrash pops up.
Expert mode : To find even more possible related files.
Finds visible and hidden files.
Also removes Widgets and PrefPanes.
Scans inside folders for applications.
Protect default applications.
Protect custom applications and folders.
Protect related applications files (.plist, application support, …)
Sparkplug to keep up-to-date.
Does not need Spotlight to be enabled.
Localized : English, Dutch (Peter Dewulf), Polish (Daniel Firlej),German (Christoph Schmitz), Spanish (Miguel Bernal), Italian (Stefano D’Armini), Slovak (Jan Sulin), Turkish, (Mehmet Merih), Persian (Navid Paya), French (Ronald A. Leroux). More to come..
Compatible with OS X 10.5.x and 10.6.x

Release info:

Improved and faster searching algoritm.
Changed the main window (Unified window instead of the deprecated Metal window).
Fixed graphical overlay issue running Ghost Mode in OS X Lion DP4.
Disabling the defaults apps in Application Lister now also ignores the new OS X Lion applications (Launchpad, Mission Control, ...)
Now also keeps new OS X Lion apps (Launchpad, Mission Control, ...) save when needed.
Fixed memory leak in Ghost Mode.
Demo version is reset.

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