Scientific Toolworks Understand v2.6.554 Mac OSX

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Scientific Toolworks Understand v2.6.554 Mac OSX

Scientific Toolworks Understand v2.6.554 | Mac OSX | 51.98 Mb
Understand is a cross-platform, multi-language, maintenance-oriented IDE (interactive development environment). It is designed to help maintain and understand large amounts of legacy or newly-created source code. The source code analyzed may include Ada, C++, C#, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL, and/or Delphi/Pascal.

It offers code navigation using a detailed cross-reference, a syntax-colorizing “smart” editor, and a variety of graphical reverse engineering views.

Understand creates a repository of the relations and structures contained within the software project. The repository is then used to learn about the source code.

Here are some key features of "Understand":

• Analysis / Parsing
• Rapid code exploration/navigation
• TrackBack constant code backup system
• Maintenance oriented powerful Programmers Editor
• Architecture
• Measure (metrics)
• Change Analysis
• Sharing of Information.

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