Atlassian Bamboo 2.5.5 for MacOSX

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Atlassian Bamboo 2.5.5 for MacOSX
Atlassian Bamboo 2.5.5 for MacOSX

The program provides continuous integration that automates the process of compiling source code and test work programs. This not only saves time but also helps to identify problems at the earliest stages of the build process. Atlassian Bamboo watching assemblies at any stage and provides information about what are implemented, and which are only compiled. If you have appropriate access rights a user can start and stop the process at any time. Atlassian Bamboo supports several remote users that allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously, even if the program is installed on one server.

Atlassian Bamboo supports command line interface and can create projects using a variety of scenarios for JDK, Ant, Maven, Maven 2, Nant. In addition, this product integrates with popular databases and to control the final package, including CVS, Subversion and Perforce, and are supported by additional modules to enhance functionality. Atlassian Bamboo can connect to various databases, including PostGreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL.
Atlassian Bamboo centrally collects all information about assemblies and generates reports on the success, fixes and tests. Bamboo is closely integrated with other tools Atlassian (JIRA, Crowd, FishEye, Clover), ensuring easy management of projects.

Improve the quality of the code:
- Atlassian Bamboo automates the process of compiling and testing source code, which saves time and instantly notifies you of problems in the design.
Clear Records:
- Spend time analyzing reports, rather than drawing information from them! Atlassian Bamboo helps identify and provide overall direction, models and links.
Reliable Continuous Integration
- Atlassian Bamboo automatically monitors and runs the assembly, the appropriate priority, even in different places and on different platforms.

Integrated Systems:

SCM systems
Subversion, Perforce, CVS, ClearCase, Mercurial, Dimension, Git
Ant, Maven, Maven 2, Bash, MSBuilder, Visual Studio, Nant, NoseXUnit, custom scripts and command line builders (eg make), etc.
Testing frameworks
Any w / JUnit XML output - including TestNG, Nunit, CppUnit, etc
Any - including Java, C, C + +,. NET (C #, VB, etc.), Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.
Notifications IM (Jabber or Google Talk), Email, RSS, Remote API
Atlassian tools
FishEye, Crowd, JIRA, Clover
IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse
Extensible plugins
Build Metrics: Checkstyle, Crap4J, Cobertura, Coverage, FindBugs, JMeter, PMD, RCov, Simian
Tools: Clean Test, Command Line, Project Graph, Test Threshold, Build Monitor, Disk Space Notification, Pre-Post Build Command
Release Management & Deployment: Adhoc Builder, SFTP Publisher, Tag Build, Tagger, BuildBug, JiraVersions

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