iDefrag 2.0.2 Full Mac OSX


iDefrag 2.0.2 Full Mac OSX

iDefrag 2.0.2 Full Mac OSX

Defrag helps defragment and optimize your disk for improved performance. Features include:

• Supports HFS and HFS+ (Mac OS Extended).
• Supports case sensitive and journaled filesystems.
• Supports adaptive hot file clustering ("Hot Zone").
• Four powerful defragmentation algorithms:
Compact data, moving all free space to one place.
Optimize filesystem metadata.
On-line defragmentation.
Defragment whilst your disk is mounted.
Advanced programmable optimization.
Rearrange your disk the way you want.
• B-Tree metadata file compaction/optimization support.
• High performance user-defined file classification engine.
• Per-block and accurate whole disk display.
• Detailed statistics so you know whether you need to optimize.
• Inspector allows you to view details of individual extents/files.
• Quickly jump to specific files to examine them in more detail.
• Altivec accelerated display for improved performance.
• Auto-update feature ensures you always have the latest version.
• Fine-grained security, just like iPartition.
• AppleScript support.

Requirements: 10.4.11

What's new in v.2.0.3:
Fixed a bug that could cause data corruption in certain circumstances.
Fixed the cause of an “NSInternalInconsistencyException” that could occur in rare circumstances.
Fixed an issue with the Delete Files feature and iDefrag’s special restart mode where you might incorrectly see iDefrag reporting a hardware problem.
Fixed some issues with operating on disks that have a larger than normal sector size.
Fixed a crash in the Create Boot Disk feature.
Fixed a user interface glitch with the progress indicator in the disk table.

v2.0.3 [K'd]:

These steps are critical and must be followed exactly:
- Copy iDefrag in Applications folder on your hard drive.
- Disconnect from network (disable Airport, unplug Ethernet cable, …)
- Change the date and time of the Mac to July 1 - 2010 @ 6:00:00 PM and do not use the "Set Data And Time Automatically", this must remain off until we are finished.
- Launch iDefrag and it should automatically create a new license key file. This license key file is non-transferable to other computers, it is tied to your Mac's motherboard SN and/or MAC address.
- Check its preferences to prevent any updates.
- Block all connections - even local - using Little Snitch or/and Net Barrier.

Anyone that owns this tool and plans to share it should know that your customer info is imbedded into the application's contents. Coriolis can and will go after anyone sharing their software. They will ban the license, the customer account on their site, intimidate your ISP if they are able to trace your IP and attempt to use the law &/or laws against you. This company has a very well known anti-piracy stance and is not a company to screw around with or take lightly as many others have found out the hard way over the years. Also the license key that it creates has your real IP address and motherboard SN from your Mac imbedded into it. So be careful who you share a license file with or the software!
But they do make the best defrag tool without a doubt and it is well worth having…

Thanks to TOBW. lmcaet

Link to v2.0.5:

Instructions inside: READ CAREFULLY!!!

Good luck!

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