Sandvox 1.5.3



Sandvox 1.5.3

Sandvox 1.5.3 [K]'ed is the choice for Mac users who want to create elegant, content-rich, standards-compliant websites simply and quickly: Drag and drop content, watch your site take shape as you create it, and publish it to the host of your choice. Available in Regular and Pro Editions, Sandvox makes it possible for new users to create professional websites, and for professional developers to create sophisticated multimedia sites in a fraction of the time.

Bug Fixes
* fix to RSS Feed generation (URLs with extra parameters should now be properly escaped)?if you were experiencing this issue, please republish your entire site to make sure all RSS URLs are updated correctly
* improvements to Contact Form (Contact Form no longer chooses the destination address automatically)
* fix for exception with document migrator that appeared in 1.5.2
* HTML validation results should now load in the Web View properly
* duplicated pages are now inserted directly after the page that is duplicated, rather than at the end
* Sandvox now handles multiple screens properly
* fix for window flicker on older systems
* fix for issue where dragging a page to the very end of a collection was being ignored
* fix for issue where a failed Save As would attempt to recover a non-existent backup
* External Link and File Download page types didn't make sense as a home page type so they have been removed from the options for creating a new document
* fix to Firefox cookie-reading methods
* fixes to problem reporter: Sandvox no longer attempts to send invalid problem reports, but does resend valid reports that had been created with an earlier data format
* updated several page/pagelet elements to be more HTML compliant
* extensive Help updates
* localization updates

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 or later.


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