REALbasic 2010 Release 5.1 for Mac OS X



REALbasic 2010 Release 5.1 for Mac OS X

Segui @applesana_es
REALbasic 2010 Release 5.1 for Mac OS X

application development tools for multi-platform operating system Mac OS X, with the ability to develop applications quickly (Rapid Application Development-RAD) ...

REALbasic integrated application tools, features outstanding, the ability to design intuitive, drag, drop data objects, strong support applications with GUI complete, integrated system born code and modify automatically. Programming language with your own REALbasic simple but handy, the program does not require users to have more knowledge, the concept of platform APIs to build a perfect software. In addition, REALbasic is also used to control the platform and build applications including original Universal Binaries for Mac OS X. Program capable of automatically translated to source code into machine code compatible with x86 and PowerPC.

The main features of the program:

- Fix handling of the command structure RecordSet.ColumnType

- This error REALSQLDatabase automatically disconnect caused crashes IDE

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