FxFactory Pro 2.1.3 &, All Plugins [k]'d

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FxFactory Pro 2.1.3 & All Plugins [k]'d

Download the trial version here and install:

Download the crack here:

Unpack the crack, copy the FxFactory_x86 to /Applications/FxFactory.app/Contents/MacOS
Copy Configs.bin to /Applications/FxFactory.app/Contents/Resources/

Run the FxFactory_x86 by double-clicking it. Use any name and serial number. It is highly recommended to use Little Snitch to block all communications or the serial will not work. You will need to do this for the FxFactory app, and when you open any host program, i.e. Motion, Final Cut, After Effects, etc.
Once everything is registered, you will no longer have to run the FxFactory_x86 binary, but keep it for future use, as any new plugins you download you will have to run this version to input a new serial.

Also, this has not been extensively tested. I cracked this quickly so my wife could use some plugins, so please post any issues and I will resolve them as I go.

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