ColorEyes Display Pro 1.52 r032.1

ColorEyes Display Pro 1.52 r032.1

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ColorEyes Display Pro 1.52 r032.1

ColorEyes Display Pro 1.52 r032.1

New ColorEyes Display Pro is jammed full of new features, not the least of which
is a dynamic new interface that is designed to make the expert and novice
both feel at home.

Advanced user interface or take the guided tour. Two tracks in one piece of software mean the expert can select tools quickly to get the job done, while the novice can take the guided tour and learn to be an expert.

Tracking features have been built in to display raw monitor brightness over time and profile verifications over time. These tools provide a good window into the health of you monitor and the quality of your profiles.

Settings files can quickly be exported to multiple machines and even be locked so end users can profile while not changing settings chosen by an administrator. Setting up multiple machines becomes a snap too.

Black Point Targeting. How your monitor displays black and dark gray is a major concern for most users. Not a day goes by that there isn't some discussion on some forum about loss of detail in the blacks. ColorEyes Display Pro now provides a full set of black rendering choices from absolute to relative and contrast range.

The new tech support email system will generate a support email directly from within the software and provide system information as well as your latest verification direct to us for review. We hope this gives us all the information we need to solve your support problems quickly. And as before you have a direct link to the ColorEyes tech forum from within the software.

Icons Icons Icons
We've spent a lot of time wrestling with iconography trying to make the application simpler to use. Users will find each function well documented and also more obvious, making learning this new tool quick and easy.

Tools for more monitors. As before we support as many ddc variants as possible so manual setup of a monitor is eliminated. But we have also expanded the manual controls for non-ddc monitors. There are two new LCD toolsets, one for monitors that have brightness and color gain controls and one for monitors, like laptops that have brightness only controls. These make it possible to make as much of the adjustment as possible in the hardware and not in the video card.

Native settings have been added to both white point color and gamma for those of us wanting the untouched, natural experience from our monitors.

ColorEyes supports most of the devices available today. A few like the Spectrolino and Spectracam have been eliminated because they are no longer available.

The Basiccolor Squid/Eye One 1 Sequel puck and the Chroma4 have been eliminated due to less than stellar performance.

Operating System Requirements:
This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
Mac OS X 10.4 PPC


password: puck


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