ForeverSave 1.1.2 [SP] UB (32/64 Bits)


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ForeverSave 1.1.2 [SP] UB (32/64 Bits)
ForeverSave 1.1.2 [SP] UB (32/64 Bits)

ForeverSave is the first application featuring a revolutionary method to save all your documents you are working on. An advanced backup management offers the opportunity to browse through all of your saved versions.

You know the scenario: You’re working on documents for hours and without any notice your documents get lost because of an application crash or unintentional overwriting — until now. With ForeverSave, losing documents becomes history. Only a few clicks and your personal lifesaver is ready for protecting you from any tragedies. All your documents are being saved and backed up automatically. You don’t need to care about hitting save shortcuts anymore.

Version 1.1.2

Fixed bug which prevents ‘Register’ button to activate after entering license information
Bug causing the ‘Plus’ button in Control Center to be hidden by an attached help window fixed
Fixed bug which causes the versions when restricted to a defined number to be deleted in database while still remaining as a file on disk

Mac OS X 10.5 or later



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