Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5.1

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Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.5.1

Sincronizacion con tu agenda Pocket PC y Smartphones
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile provides Mac synchronization for Pocket PC and Smartphone devices from Dell, HP, i-Mate, Motorola, Orange, Samsung and others. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile includes support for Mac OS X Tiger's Sync Services, Entourage synchronization and an all-new architecture that allows third-party developers to create plugins that add new capabilities.
What's new in this version:

* USB speed improvements on some Windows Mobile 2005 devices.
* Fixed a connection issue that affected some Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones.
* Entourage calendar recurrent exceptions work better on fast syncs.
* Modifying a record on the handheld no longer overwrites Entourage email addresses (when there are more than three).
* Assistant changes.
* Fixed a situation that would cause our service helper for WM5 to install with each connection.
* Other minor enhancements

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