Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2


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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Race through an array of open road environments that come to life with river crossings, waterfalls, beaches, dusty paths, and brush fires. Rush through traffic, conquer multiple racing events, and outrun cops in hot pursuit to become the Champion Road Racer!
Staying true to its heritage, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 houses a stable of exclusive, exotic cars from the world's most coveted licensors including Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini.
Key features:
* Over 20 coveted exotics, fully licensed and rendered in awesome detail
* Multiple game modes including Challenge, Hot Pursuit, and Championship
* Dynamic lighting effects, true reflections, and animated drivers bring the cars and tracks to life
* Detailed environments bring to life real-world elements such as rain, blowing leaves, sun beams, and dust storms
* Edge-of-your-seat driving as you dodge traffic, race neck-and-neck with other exotics, and elude police at breakneck speeds upwards of 200 mph.
* Open world environment gives way to off-road adventures and shortcuts
* 60 different racing events -- Emerge victorious to become the Champion Road Racer
* Reap rewards for winning events -- Upgraded cars, new driving courses, and more
* Two player split-screen action

Game Modes:

* A timed point-to-point dash, with the police in pursuit.

* A long track to get from one end to the other before your opponent.

Time Trial
* 3 laps on a level. Goal is to beat the required time to get the gold/silver/bronze.

* Last person to finish after each lap is knocked out (eliminated) until one remains.

* A number of levels, in which you win by earning the most points at the end of the tournament (by winning races). Gold, silver, and bronze places award different amounts of points.

Single Race
* A regular race, with a specified number of laps.

Be The Cop
* In Be The Cop mode, the player chooses a police vehicle, and then his task is to disable speeding cars (by ramming into them multiple times), thereby apprehending them. The player can turn his lights and sirens on and off, ask for a road block, request help from a helicopter or ask for a back up car to assist in chasing target vehicle. At the end, the player is awarded for the cars he busted.

Championship/Ultimate Racer
* The goal here is to get to the bottom of a racing 'tree'. You first start off at a time trial. Once you beat that, you will have 2 options. Then you continue on from there until all the races are completed with a bronze/silver/gold.

Free Run
* This lets you go around any unlocked track, with or without traffic or cops.

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man te han descubierto tus links y los han bloqueado, los podrias subir de nuevo??


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Ea eso eso a mi me apetecia mazo ese juegoBonesMacBonesMac

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Chamacos no quiero ser abusona y postearlo todo yo

Buscar links vivos y postearlo aquí :-Pfusca_powerTímido

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he buscado y no he encontrado nada! me encanta ese juego, lo quiero!!! jajaj

si encuentran los links buenos posteenlos por favor! =)

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