Camera Plus Pro v2.6 ipa


"iPhone Camera Upgrades via Camera Plus Pro" -The New York Times.

"This all-in-one photo app delivers an impressive set of features." -Macworld.



- Video Recording on 3GS and iPhone 4 at 360x480 pixels resolution
- Video Recording on 3G at 400x304 pixels resolution
- Unlimited video recording using Custom Camera with iOS 4 update
- Record Time Lapse Videos
- Perfect audio sync
- Live Filters: B/W, Sepia, Invert, Sin City Red, Hulk Green, Avatar Blue and more

- Upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with Title and Description
- Send video via Mail

- Geo-Tag videos and share location on YouTube
- Password Protect your private videos with the Password feature

- Tag videos and locate easily using the Search option

- Sync videos from the Quick Roll to Camera Roll


- Tap-to-focus for 3GS and iPhone 4
- Quick photo saving in the background. Snap up to 10 photos instantly!
- Big Button, Anti-Shake, Grid overlay
- Burst Mode: Capture 3 to 15 shots continuously with one-second time delay
- Timer: Set up to 10 seconds on the timer
- Geo-Tag photos and share location with Picasa and Flickr
- Tag each of your photos


- Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Hue, Saturation, Temperature, Tint with a real-time preview
- Add soft Flash
- Crop in various shapes like Rectangle, Circle, Oval

- Rotate photos

- Apply filters: B/W, Sepia, Invert, Antique, Burn, Nature, Ocean and preview real-time.

- Add Watermark and Date
- Edit Geo-Tag
- Import your existing photos from Camera Roll and edit


- Search photos & videos with Tags
- Password Protect private photos and videos
- Sync photos & videos from Quick Roll to Camera Roll


- Instantly share single or multiple photos onto Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Picasa
- Transfer photos and videos via FTP and WiFi to your other devices
- Send multiple photos via Mail
- Add Title, Description or Comments to your photos before sharing
- Adjust photo quality before sharing for faster uploading

What's new in Version 2.2
- Live-Zoom & Video Filters supported for 3GS
- Much awaited "Faster Photo Saving" on 2G, 3G & 3GS

What's new in Version 2.3
- Pause while recording video
- Time Lapse video recording
- 6 more new video filters (Mirror, Horizontal Flip, Warm Vintage, X-Ray, Vivid, Vintage)
- Share via FTP
- Private/Public Mode photo uploading to Flickr
- Generic UI for Settings and new UI for Video Filter window

What's new in Version 2.4
- Compatible with iOS 4
- Bing image search
- Unlimited video recording for 3GS users with iOS 4 update
- Transfer photos and videos via FTP and WiFi to other devices
- Bug fixes

What's new in Version 2.5
* The first camera and video app that is fully compatible with the iPhone 4 and iOS 4
* Makes use of the iPhone 4 dual camera to capture photos and record videos
* Fill light with iPhone 4 LED Flash to capture great photos and videos
* Use custom video recording with real-time zoom and video filters, first time on an iPhone 4
* Capture high quality photos and videos with the 5MP camera of iPhone 4
* Use real-time zoom while using front or rear camera
* Edit photos and preview in real-time on iPhone 4
* Provided 3 resolution settings for iPhone 4
* Fixed the bug where captured photos were getting pixelated
* Fixed the bug where recorded videos were pixelated and zoomed-in
* Fixed the bug where the default camera - Preview and recorded videos were getting clipped at the sides

What's new in Version 2.6
* Fully compatible with the new iPod touch with both photo shooting and video recording
* Exporting of Meta Data (EXIF) of Photos synced to Camera Roll
* Improved video quality with Custom camera for 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 devices running on iOS 4.1
* Fine tuned video filters
* Twitter characters are limited to 114 characters to ensure the entire tweet is visible
* Provided for unlimited video recording using the Custom camera
* Photos are now automatically saved in the background, for uninterrupted photography
* Better looking labels for Retina Display

Latest fixes:
* Geo-Tagging feature now works without the internet connection
* Photo and video uploads now appear on the Twitter timeline
* Camera Switch button disappearing in iPhone 4 is fixed
* Flash button disappearing in iPhone 4 is fixed
* Auto Focus now works after using the Tap to Focus feature in iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4

Other Changes:
* Requires iOS 4.1 update to download this version
* Video Zoom is unsupported as we are using the Apple provided Video Recording API for improved video recording results


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Muchas gracias por tu aporte, esta app me viene genial. Justo lo que buscaba.

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