Update v1.1 RPG Snake

Update v1.1 RPG Snake

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Update v1.1 RPG Snake - The Adventure of Akua

t's amazing how much entertainment you can get from a simple idea well executed. - squarezero, TouchArcade

The classic cell phone game Snake gets an RPG makeover in this surprisingly adorable hybrid. - GameZebo

The classic snake game has returned in RPG form!
Quest to save the pretty princess from the Devil!
Destroy slime, sand worms, the undead, and more!
Go save the damsel in distress. This... is your ultimate mission.
Go now, Sir Knight. Fulfill your destiny!

- Easy Play: This is an old style snake-like game. Very easy to understand the game rules!
- Easy Control: Just touch the arrows where you want to move!
- Lovely Artworks: All artworks are pixel-designed. Find cute monsters in your screen!
- Challenging: 2 Leaderboards and 23 Achievements over 11 Stages!
- OpenFeint Integration: Compete with your friends on the OpenFeint community!

[Game Rules]
1. Move your hero using the four diagonal arrows!
2. Bump into the monsters and your line of troop gets longer!
3. Be careful to stay inside of the terrain. Don't crash into your troops or obstacles!
4. Kill all boss monsters and go forward to your journey!

[Further Updates]
Please let us know how to make your adventure better :)

This is our first game!
Slime Marmalade is an indie game developer.
We are going to keep making various unique iPhone and iPad games :D

2010 Slime Marmalade

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