Update v2.5 Dungeon Solitaire

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Update v2.5 Dungeon Solitaire

"The game is a 'drooler' for me, with my wanton lust for strategic card games. Griptonite, its official, I’m sold. Now release more cards!!"
- SugarfreeGamer.com

"This is a good way to while away a few minutes in a dungeon."
- IGN.com (7.5/10)



A prison break has gone bad, and now terrifying monsters are swarming up into Castle Wolfcairn's dungeons. Brave heroes rush into the tunnels to stop them... but will the kingdom survive?

Award-winning developer Griptonite Games presents DUNGEON SOLITAIRE -- a simple and addictive fantasy card game. Players must carefully place the creatures, heroes, and dungeon rooms to stop the monstrous invasion. Draw a card, place it down, and hope you don't get eaten by the oozes, tunnel goblins, and dragons that inhabit the dark! You'll need brave adventurers, clever strategy, and a good dose of luck to win Dungeon Solitaire!

Includes a FREE expansion with the game -- the mysterious and game-changing Lost Potions. The odds are stacked against you anyway, so drink up!


- Over 60 gorgeous, hand-illustrated cards featuring fierce monsters, deadly traps, bold warriors and mages, and ancient artifacts to equip your heroes with.

- Beautiful animated effects for card battles, explosions, and flaming card deaths!

- Atmospheric music and high-quality dungeon-y sound effects.

- Native iPad support

- OpenFeint support for online leaderboards and achievements (iPhone/iPod Touch only - coming soon to iPad!).

- Customize and expand the game with card expansions, including the undead horrors of the Shambling Dead and the doom of Dragontomb.

- More free mini-expansions coming soon! Subscribe to the Dungeon Solitaire Twitter feed for updates and codes!

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Update v2.5 Dungeon Solitaire

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