Anna Montana v1.0-ipa


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Anna Montana v1.0-ipa

Anna Montana v1.0

You start the game as Anna Montana, a desperate co-ed turned housekeeper, who tidies up houses at Glamour Lane, which belong to some very diverse and eccentric individuals. You will need to pick up laundry and drop them off at an automated washer & dryer, pick up the scraps, vacuum the floor, clean and mop the rooms and do everyday household duties.

Successful completion requires following instructions given by the fussy home owners and completing multiple housekeeping tasks. The quicker you tidy up the houses, the more Glamour $$ you earn. Efficiency not only earns you a higher tip from these well-known stars but also additional elegant awards.

As the game progresses, Anna will be put in difficult positions of having to make moral decisions. With the homeowners away, you may be tempted to steal valuable objects. Should you give into temptation, getting caught could result in some very criminal consequences.

As you tidy up, don’t get distracted by the plush surroundings - time, resource management, and strategy is the key to success on Glamour Lane!

Current Features and Information
• Engaging storyline & script involving every day neighborhood characters you may well recognize
• Play your own Music from your IPOD Library
• 8 Different Tools to Help You Do Your Job
• Upgradable Tools to Maximize Your Performance
• 8 Unique Houses and 4 Larger Houses for You to Conquer
• Total of 30 + Awards for achievement
• Play Challenge Mode For The Ultimate Challenge
• Ability to re-visit Houses
• Online Ranking Board with Facebook integration
• Alternative Endings, depending on user’s game play
• Visit for more Information

At CDE Humble Gaming, we work hard to bring you a game that combines addictive entertainment and strong game play inspired by the cultural influences synonymous with today’s leading stars. We really hope you enjoy the game.

Treat yourself to Anna Montana, “A Desperate Housekeeper”, a fusion of time challenge, resource management, strategy, and simulation.

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