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Yukorin In Your Pocket - Yuko Ogura (solo mayores)

Yukorin In Your Pocket - Yuko Ogura

■ "Yukorin in Your Pocket - Yuko Ogura" is a cute and catchy application that automatically loads beautiful pictures of Yuko Ogura as Yukorin, the top Japanese bikini model.

■ It comes loaded with hundreds of pictures of Yukorin, which changes one after another as background. The application also features simple clock and calendar functions. Moreover, you can save up to 100 images by using the favorite function.

■ It includes 450 pictures. Yuko Ogura will definitely make your day with her attractive expressions and costumes.

■ Double tapping shows the control panel. You can change your settings and save favorites.

■ Using this application for a long time consumes the battery.

■ We recommend you leave the device connected to its Docking station.

Main functions

■ Slide show
It reloads images of Yuko Ogura every 5 to 60 seconds, just like a digital photo frame.

■ Digital clock
It displays s digital clock in synchronization with the clock of your iPhone/iPod touch.
You can display/hide it by shaking, or drag to move.

■ Calendar
It displays the simple calendar which supports holidays of 5 countries.
You can display/hide it by shaking, or drag to move.
Holiday support: Japan/USA/Germany/France/UK
Displayed holiday will be determined automatically according to your language setting.

■ Add to your favorite
You can save up to 100 pictures in your library as favorite.
Once images are saved as your favorite, you can enlarge or reduce
them by double tapping and pinching.

■ Settings
Choose between 12/24 hours display, change font or size
Set the calendar to start from Monday, holiday display ON/OFF
Interval of displaying the pictures (5sec/10sec/15sec/30sec/60sec)
Choose the effect when switching pictures (8 effects) and the display order (In order/shuffle/random).
ON/OFF automatic selection in landscape or portrait mode
ON/OFF automatic lock function

■ Requirements
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
■ Languages
English, Japanese
■ Model
Yuko Ogura
■ Image
provided by AVILLA
■ Design/Program
forYou inc. (LCD Clock, MyWebClip)
■ Produce/Sales
Digital Adventure (COSPLAY)

Released : Oct 31, 2009
Version : 1.0
Size : 50.7 MB
Download :

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