Advanced ActionScript Components: Mastering the Flash Component Architecture


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Advanced ActionScript Components: Mastering the Flash Component Architecture

Advanced ActionScript Components: Mastering the Flash Component Architecture

583 pages | 2006 | PDF | 5.6 MB

Macromedia's architecture is like a chest filled with precious jewels, and this book is quite simply the key to open it! One of the most important tools provided with Flash is the Macromedia Component Architecture: a framework of components written in ActionScript 2, based on established design patterns, that provides a wealth of functionality you can just bolt on to your Flash applications when desired. This can save you an enormous amount of time during application development and help you improve the quality of your code. Whats more, the source code is included, so if you cant find the component you need within the component architecture, you can just modify existing components to create your own! Expert Flash developer and author Antonio De Donatis gives you everything you need to master Flash components. In the first part, he shows you how the architecture works, how to create effective component-based applications, and how to create your own custom components from whats already provided. The second part shows how XML can be used to effectively describe and dynamically create not only single component instances, but whole applications based on any number of components. The last part of the book is a comprehensive reference to using all of the components already available in the Macromedia Component Architecture. It includes a specific chapter dedicated to each of the UI components like basic usage, component management, customization, and practical examples showing usage of each component.

* Chapter 1 Flash Overview
* Chapter 2 Creating Usable and Innovative Experiences
* Chapter 3 Interface Designers Guide to Color
* Chapter 4 Planning Your Interface Design
* Chapter 5 Vector Drawing and Effects in Flash and Illustrator
* Chapter 6 Understanding the Timeline and Layers
* Chapter 7 Working with 3D Vectors
* Chapter 8 Using Video in Flash
* Chapter 9 Photoshop Techniques
* Chapter 10 Moving from Photoshop to Flash and Effective PNGs
* Chapter 11 Creating Animated Effects
* Chapter 12 Flash Textures
* Chapter 13 Photo Editing in Photoshop and Flash
* Chapter 14 Finishing Off Your Site


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