Instalando Intel Power Gadget 3.0 for Mac

Instalando Intel Power Gadget 3.0 for Mac


Instalar Intel Power Gadget 3.0 for Mac es lo más fácil del mundo, solo tienes que ir a la página de Intel que te dejo más abajo, descargar la versión apropiada para Mac, aunque también se recomienda la versión para Linux o Windows si tienes Bootcamp.

Mira en tu carpeta de descargas y doble clic para montar la imagen de la aplicación. Lo siguiente es seguir los pasos y completar.

Intel Power Gadget is a software-based power usage monitoring tool enabled for 2nd Generation Intel Core processors or later. It is supported on Windows and Mac OS X and includes an application, driver, and libraries to monitor and estimate real-time processor package power information in watts using the energy counters in the processor. With this release, we are providing functionality to evaluate power information on various platforms including notebooks, desktops and servers


Traditional methods to estimate power/energy usage of the processor has always been a cumbersome task that included special purpose tools or instrumentation on the platform along with third party equipment. The motivation for the tool was to assist end-users, ISV’s, OEM’s, developers, and others interested in a more precise estimation of power from a software level without any H/W instrumentation.

New Features

In version 3.0 there are additional features that include estimation of power on multi-socket systems as well as externally callable APIs to extract power information within sections of code. The multi-socket support essentially evaluates the Energy MSR on a per-socket basis and provides an estimate of power draw per socket.

The API layer is a set of libraries and dlls that can be called and offers the flexibility to build the tool within code sections of an application. Latest release also includes support for Windows 8 (desktop mode).

Intel Power Gadget 3.0 (Windows 32-bit)
Intel Power Gadget 3.0 (Windows 64-bit)
Intel Power Gadget 3.0 for Mac
Intel Power Gadget 2.5 for Linux

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