Snow OSX Universal 10.6(421) v3.4 Size: 4.34 Gb


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Snow OSX Universal 10.6(421) v3.4 Size: 4.34 Gb
Snow OSX Universal 10.6 (421) v3.4 | Size: 4.34 Gb

Gente, encontre esto...parece ser algun ensamblado del SL para pc, me llamo la atencion asi que lo puse a bajar y se los acerco, vere de que se trata....

Assemblage experimental, constructed on the basis of Snow Leopard 10a421 userdvd and experience of users of resources TorrentMac and AppleLife.

Year: 2009
Version: 10a421
Developer: Apple
Platform: Intel only
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required

System requirements:
PC computer with an Intel SSSE3 processor
1GB of memory
8GB of free disk space
The official release date - September 2009

Loader - Chameleon DFE + boot v9.4

In the installer is built DSDTPatcher v1.0.1e.
In most cases DSDT Patch is mandatory!

In kastomayzah:
Snow_bootloader (+) - bootloader installation!
NullCPUPM (+) - analog Disabler.kext for Snow!
SMBIOSResolver (+) - described a model iMac9, 1
OpenHaltRestart (+)
PS2 (-) - dravera interface for PS / 2
LegacyAHCIATA (-)
Atools_Snow (+) - a folder with the tools and additional drivers!
Rosetta (-) - translator PowerPC binary code to run old applications!

(+) - Is selected by default!
(-) - Not selected!

The contents of the folder:
/ ATools /
Change Finder
Clone X
Property List

/ ATools / _Drivers /

/ ATools / _System /
/ DSDTPatcherGUI_1.0 /

Company Apple has presented Mac OS X Snow Leopard, even more powerful and perfect version of the most advanced operating system in the world which becomes a basis of future innovative decisions Apple. Snow Leopard it is constructed on a ten years' history of development OS X with hundreds improvements and revolutionary technological decisions, support Microsoft Exchange and new functions of universal access. Snow Leopard it will be delivered as updating to Mac OS X Leopard since September, 2009.

“We have developed it on the basis of success of version Leopard and have created the best working conditions for users, since installation of an operating system and before computer deenergizing, – tells Bertrand Serlet (Bertrand Serlet), the senior vice-president Apple on software working out. – engineers Apple managed to bring in system of hundred improvements so Snow Leopard will allow you to feel that the system became much faster and even more reliably, than before”.

In the course of creation Snow Leopard engineers Apple have concentrated on optimisation of the most advanced operating system in the world, having improved over 90 percent from 1000 components Mac OS X. Users will note accelerated response Finder, appendix Mail loading the messages for 85 percent faster and speed increased on 90 percent of search, function Time Machine, for 50 percent accelerated process of reserve copying of the information, a way of orientation in windows Expose, integrated now in Dock, the 64-bit version of browser Safari 4 with new kernel Nitro in which speed of processing javascript has increased by 50 percent, and system of protection against the failures caused by plug-ins. Besides, Snow Leopard has new modernised player QuickTime X which allows users to look through, write down, edit and spread with ease video on YouTube, MobileMe or in iTunes. The size of operating system Snow Leopard twice less than the previous version. After installation the system releases to 6 GB disk space.

Snow Leopard for the first time offers 64-bit system appendices among which Finder, Mail, iCal, iChat and browser Safari, and support of 64-bit processors allows to use great volumes of operative memory, to raise productivity and protection level, keeping thus compatibility with 32-bit appendices. Technology Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) provides a revolutionary way of extraction of the maximum advantage from multinuclear processors. GCD it is completely integrated in Snow Leopard, beginning from new общесистемных API (interfaces of applied programs) to system covers of a highest level and programming language expansions that leads to increase of speed of reaction of system. OpenCL, the open standard on the basis of language of Si, allows developers to use completely computing capacity of the graphic processor and for usual calculations.

Snow Leopard supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, working directly with Mac OS X Mail, the Directory and iCal that allows to use these appendices for sending and reception of messages, creation of invitations to meetings, and also managements of contacts and their synchronisation with the global list of addresses. Snow Leopard easily works with the data of server Exchange and allows to use such unique functions OS X, as fast search Spotlight and preliminary viewing Quick Look. Snow Leopard – a unique operating system with high-grade support Exchange 2007 that will allow any business to introduce with ease computers Mac in the organisation.

Each computer Mac has innovative functions and technologies for people with special requirements, and Snow Leopard offers essentially new additional functions and the technologies doing computers Mac even more accessible to people with broken sight. Трекпад Apple Multi-Touch now it is connected with screen announcer VoiceOver so users can be guided in system, simply moving a finger on трекпаду, as on the screen. Snow Leopard also has got the built in support of wireless bluetooth-systems of reading and the letter for blind, and also possibility of simultaneous connection of several similar devices to one computer Mac.



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mmm, esperemos a que salga alguna version para mi viejo p4, (ojala),gorkiAppletao

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Cuando llega al final de la instalacion da error y pide reiniciar, reinicio y se queda pillado en
BSD oricess name corresponding to current tread: UNKNOWN
Mac Os version:
Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel version 10.0.0
System uptime in nanoseconds:62848255
Alguna sugerencia
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Compañero Emas20, lo has probado?
Gorki dice que le da errores, hay algun applesano que pueda confirmar si funciona?

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